The systems of security and background checking provide continuous and stable protection for the management of the company against the perpetration of various crimes.

Taking into account the structure, activity of the given company, monitoring plays an important role in prevention, determent from perpetrating a crime.
According to our experience, most of the perpetrators are junior or senior managers and those working in independent positions, and their crimes range from fraud through misappropriation to corruption, with which they cause significant financial, economic and commercial damage to their employer. Research shows that they typically cannot resist the temptations within two years after their appointment.

The background of the most severe abuses in Hungary includes the perpetrators’ desire for a luxurious lifestyle and the low temptation threshold, in addition to which they have the possibility to commit the abuse.

The results of the checking are valid only to the point of time checked; they record only the prevailing situation in that moment, and the process leading to it. The frequent routine of security checking therefore plays an important part in general prevention.

Basic background checks include:

  • Checking the person in the official name and address register
  • Verification of address, telephone number for subject
  • Verification the close family relationship of the subject (parents, spouse, children)
  • Property ownership of subjectl’s residence;
  • Verification of corporate registration information (including shareholding ratios and directors)
  • Verification of private enterpreneur registration
  • Local media and Internet checks

In addition to which, a complete background screening also includes:

  • Checking of land registries involved by the subject
  • Detailed information of the companies what the subject runs or / and owns
  • The background of the subject’s business relationship
  • Confirm any government or political affiliations for the subject (including shareholding by state entities).
  • Character and Reputation checks on subject
  • Expanded financial information on corporate owned or managed by the subject (Net sales revenues, Operating result, Profit before tax, Balance sheet profit/loss, Profit after tax, Financial instruments, Current assets, Accruals, Shareholders’ equity, Provisions, Liabilities, Deferrals) at least the past 3 years
  • Comprehensive media search.
  • Other special information tailored to the client’s requirement
  • Sites visits of the home and business addresses