Although unlicensed secret tapping and surveillance devices („bugs”) are considered secret service instruments, and their use is legally prohibited, but nowadays their use is widely spreading. As a result of the quick technological development smaller and smaller sized amateur and semi-professional devices are available in the market that can perform better and better quality, so the protection against them appears as a real demand.

In everyday language and professional jargon as well, “bug” as an umbrella term covers not only the specific tapping devices, but the whole repertoire of technical intelligence, which includes the use of various secret or hidden vide cameras and recorders, GPRS and GPS based tracking devices, paralleled (RAT) mobile phones and many other similar instruments.

A part of the above listed instruments are legally available in retail with official license, but it is the method of their use that lands them in this category.

Baráth & Partners possesses the specialist staff, technical equipment and experience with which we can detect and provide protection against various types of technical intelligence.