Any fact, information, solution or data relating to the business activities to the confidentiality of which the entitled party may have an appreciable interest can be considered business secret, and its infringement may result in significant economic disadvantage.

With the escalation of the competition in the market, the protection of information and data connected to economic activity and business is increasing. At the same time, stakeholders are forced to publish more and more information in order to ensure their presence in the market and to increase their sales. The National Security Office provides protection for certain stakeholders that are strategically important for the nation, enterprises outside of this scope.

Despite these seemingly contradictory requirements, reliable protection can be provided against legal as well as illegal efforts to obtain information by the accurate identification of classified data and establishing restricted access levels.

Deficiencies in the field of data and secrecy protection may also facilitate the occurrence of other economic or property related crimes, therefore it is considered especially important for both smaller and larger enterprises.