Baráth & Partners offers wide-scale, comprehensive risk analysis and management services to assess and eliminate any endangering circumstances or activities regarding an individual project or the entire course of business of a company. Risk analysis may play an important role in the case of foreign or regional investments that involves the lack of local knowledge.

Risk analysis is a very important step among the measures taken for the protection of the interests of a company. It helps to shed light upon those factors that may cause potential danger. The existence of legislation, regulations and prescriptions in itself does not necessarily guarantee the occurrence of the damage. Based on the data gained from risk analysis, we plan the measures to eliminate, or mitigate danger.

Besides its preventive nature, security risk analysis is also suitable to detect the personal and objective circumstances enabling the occurrence of a former extraordinary event.


Pre-employment screening

Filling important or confidential positions requires outmost care in selecting the right applicants, where verifying the applicant’s integrity and eliminating security risks are important requirements besides professional and psychical suitability for the sake of prevention.

Security Screening - Background Checking

The systems of security and background checking provide continuous and stable protection for the management of the company against the perpetration of various crimes.

Data and Secrecy Protection

Any fact, information, solution or data relating to the business activities to the confidentiality of which the entitled party may have an appreciable interest can be considered business secret, and its infringement may result in significant economic disadvantage.

Debugging - Anti-tapping Protection

Although unlicensed secret tapping and surveillance devices („bugs”) are considered secret service instruments, and their use is legally prohibited, but nowadays their use is widely spreading.