About us

Baráth & Partners is an independent agency specializing in security consultancy and private investigation. Our services assist our clients in making strategic and operative decisions and in assessing and mitigating the risks concerning their activities.

Our agency offers you professional business intelligence, risk consultancy and investigative services; we gather information about your competitors, clients, their goals and relationships; we scout and, in co-operation with the competent authorities, prevent the counterfeiting or illegal use of your intellectual property, trade marks, patented products; we detect and document office theft and fraud.

In the course of our consulting and planning activity, we ensure the co-ordination of the various areas and branches of protection. The protection of business and personal secrets and data, as well as the security screening of employees appointed to or working in important or confidential positions constitute an integral part of the defense plan.

Baráth György

György Baráth
Managing Director / CEO

  • Our attitude

    Based on our several years of practical experience, we provide professional, creative individually tailored solutions to our clients, which are based on the results of the analyses and assessments of the primary information provided to us. In the course of executing our tasks, we give primacy to successfulness, and we flexibly adapt to the given situations.

    Our employees possess high quality expertise and several decades of professional practical experience gained at National Security Services or the Police as well as in the private sector, specializing in various methods of acquiring information – surveillance, preparing pre-sentence reports, secret as well as covert and overt data collection – analyzing and assessing the obtained information, and in planning as well as implementing investigative measures.

  • Moral Philosophy and Independence

    In the course of our work, we go far to obey our confidentiality and discretion liabilities regarding our clients and their personal data and commissions, as well as the execution of the tasks.

    Our moral principles

    1. In the course of our work, the protection of the personal and business interests of our clients as well as preserving and strengthening their goodwill is of primary importance.
    2. We are obliged to respect the personal rights of our clients under all circumstances.
    3. Our statements shall be based only on objective facts, and verified and analyzed data.
    4. In the course of executing our tasks, we fully obey all effective legislations.
    5. We keep records of the names and addresses (domicile or registered address) of our clients based on the currently effective legislations, and only the competent authorities can get access to this registry in the case of monitoring or supervising our activities.
    6. Our employees are bound by professional confidentiality liability regarding both the commission itself as well as any information acquired in the course of executing the commission.
    7. We can inform only our client about any data gathered about a third party, except if we are summoned to court or administrative proceedings as witness to testify regarding the case constituting the base of the commission.
    8. We destroy all data acquired and recorded in the course of executing the contract immediately after their use, or, in the lack thereof, upon the termination of the contract.
    9. Insofar as we cause any damage to our client in the course of our activities, we are liable to the scope and extent as stipulated in the Civil Code.
    10. Barath and Partners accepts the Ethical Code of the Hungarian Association of Detectives, the International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives, The Associations of European and Brithish Investigators considers first of all to be binding on itself.

    Abiding by our moral principles ensures our independence of any incidental influence of all state, economic or political authorities or organizations.

  • History

    Over the past years Barath and Partners has evolved from a small traditional investigative firm to a well-known security consultant and private investigation agency focusing on risk management, the business intelligence, due diligence, corporate and criminal investigation company.

    Barath and Co. was founded in 1999 by György (George) Baráth, the former senior officer of the Hungarian Intelligence Service, current President of the Hungarian Association of Detectives, to offer a full spectrum of private investigation and security solutions after the new Act on private investigation services came into force in Hungary.

    Since our establishment we have been striving to live up to the ever changing demands. We have been working on broadening our options, refining our working practices in order to serve our clients more efficiently.

    In the beginning of 2000s we established some regional branches in the bigger cities of Hungary, and established contact with several with private investigation, risk management and security consultancy offices entering into several co-operative agreements in Europe and overseas.

    In 2006 company’s legal name was changed to Baráth & Partners Security Consultancy and Private Investigation Agency within the framework of a range of organisational and structural changes in order to improve the quality of our business investigative and consultancy services, while keeping our traditional profile of investigative activities as well and we have established the possibility to apply special examination methods – lie-detecting, DNA-analysis.

    We are developing our international relations continuously, we became the member of the Associations of European and British Investigators. We prepared to open additional regional branches and have started to build up a new regional advisory network in 2017.

  • Global Relationship

    Wide-ranging international contacts are at Baráth and Partners Security Consulting and Private Investigation Agency that are able to insure an investigative activity spanning borders with his help.

    Since the establish of Barath and Partners we emphasizing and special attending to build up our comprehensive international relations adapting to the requirements of the globality to provide consulting and investigation services for our international and domestic clients and partners.

    This hand-picked team has been developed over the past decades based upon their experience, performance, local contacts, and communication abilities, focusing on the adjacent and European Union countries’ area in the first period, but they cover several of the world’s countries in our time.

  • Regional Presents

    Baráth and Partners Security Consulting and Private Investigation Agency laid a big emphasis on the forming of his regional contact system staining because of the beginnings.

    In the private detective’s activity is indispensable the application of the local knowledge and contact systems in the interest of a special information acquisition. Nowadays our network covers all regions of Hungary.

    Barath and Partners’ Local Consultants and Representatives are highly-skilled professionals, and are exclusive to Barath and Partners. This hand-picked team has been developed over the past decades based upon their experience, performance, local contacts, and communication abilities.