Baráth and Partners investigation services are designed to control loss and minimize damage by providing innovative and creative solutions.

Our high-trained and experienced team is ready to handle complex workplace investigations involving industrial espionage, commercial fraud, bribery, employee theft, substance abuse, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest and more.

Our field investigations, such as information gathering, Surveillance and Workers Compensation Fraud investigations provide actionable evidence via video and photo footage and our detailed reports.


Locating Witnesses and Missing Persons

Baráth & Partners has extensive experience in tracing and identifying witnesses and missing persons; we find the wanted person within a short period while maintaining full discretion.

Test Purchase

Basically the Test purchases are the important instruments of the investigations against the illicit /illegal trade, anti-counterfeiting products and the protection of brands, patents and commercial rights.

Mystery Shopping

Baráth and Partners can cover test purchases across a number of different businesses and outlets.

Criminal Investigations

The documentation and information acquired through our methods and procedures applied in the course of investigations of various and economic and property related crimes perpetrated at the expense of business companies or private individuals can serve as bases to initiate criminal proceedings.

Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery

Nowadays, the existence and the accumulation of debts resulting from disobeying payment discipline, and gridlocks cause significant problems.


Surveillance is one of the most efficient, but at the same time most costly methods of acquiring secret, confidential information, and an important supplementary tool of various investigative activities.

Other Investigations

Besides the investigations mentioned among our services, individual situations and cases differing from the average may occur as well, in the solution of which we can offer assistance via professional and creative solutions to our customers.

Private Matters

If you are here, that probably means that you are troubled by a distressing issue that you can’t seem to solve satisfactorily by yourself.