In Hungary as well as abroad, usurping patents, trademarks and brands, and the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit products have grown into a global industry, which causes enormous economic damage to the original manufacturers and the fair and honest merchants, customers as well as national economies.

Baráth & Partners has a lot of experience and success in detecting perpetrators usurping intellectual property, and investigations that aim to prove and liquidate their activity.

A scope of breaching legislation may occur in the case of almost all products that promise significant profit to the perpetrators, including human and animal food, various pharmaceutical products, tobacco, drinks, toys and entertainment electronics.

The most typical methods of the crimes against the intellectual properties are the theft, the counterfeiting, smuggling and the illicit trade.

According to some reports, the volume of lost income due to counterfeiting reaches several billion HUF in certain sectors, while its total value is in excess of several billions dollars in the world.

In the course of the investigation, we identify the perpetrators, their methods, commercial and business relationships, and we co-operate with the competent authorities in order to liquidate the violations, as well as with the clients in order to work out measures to mitigate the damage and to prevent similar activities.

In the context of anti-counterfeiting investigations we often use the methods of Test Purchase and Mystery Shopping as well.