Business Intelligence

BI is a special measure for collecting, processing, assessing and analyzing business information of both open and confidential nature available from legal sources.

Risk Analysis

Comprehensive risk analysis and management services to assess and eliminate any endangering circumstances or activities regarding an individual project or the entire course of business of a company.

Corporate Investigation

Investigation services are designed to control loss and minimize damage by providing innovative and creative solutions.

Private Matters

If you are here, that probably means that you are troubled by a distressing issue that you can’t seem to solve satisfactorily by yourself.


Corporate Investigation

Baráth & Partners is an independent agency specialising in security consultancy and private investigation located in Budapest, Hungary.

Our corporate investigation services assist our clients in making strategic and operative decisions and in assessing and mitigating the risks concerning their activities.

Our agency offers you professional business intelligence, risk consultancy and investigative services; we gather information about your competitors, clients, their goals and relationships; we scout and, in co-operation with the competent authorities, prevent the counterfeiting or illegal use of your intellectual property, trade marks, patented products; we detect and document office theft and fraud.

Our private investigation company is a member of the Hungarian Association of Detectives (MDSZ) the International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives (IKD), Association of European Investigators (AEI), the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

Baráth and Partners Security Consulting & Private Investigation Agency is fully licensed and insured.

We Get Results in Hungary, Because We Are in Hungary


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