Risk analysis

Baráth & Partners offers wide-scale, comprehensive risk analysis and management services to assess and eliminate any endangering circumstances or activities regarding an individual project or the entire course of business of a company. Risk analysis may play an important role in the case of foreign or regional investments that involves the lack of local knowledge.

Risk analysis is a very important step among the measures taken for the protection of the interests of a company. It helps to shed light upon those factors that may cause potential danger. The existence of legislation, regulations and prescriptions in itself does not necessarily guarantee the occurrence of the damage. Based on the data gained from risk analysis, we plan the measures to eliminate, or mitigate danger.

Besides its preventive nature, security risk analysis is also suitable to detect the personal and objective circumstances enabling the occurrence of a former extraordinary event.

Filling important or confidential positions requires outmost care in selecting the right applicants, where verifying the applicant’s integrity and eliminating security risks are important requirements besides professional and psychical suitability for the sake of prevention.

In the government sector and at the majority of multinational companies there is already an established system of checking and screening prior to employing when hiring for management or data and secret carrier positions or other important positions.

In economic life too, the greatest security and other risks are in the field of human resource. Studies as well as solved crimes support that most crimes committed against business companies could be committed as a result of the negligence or the willful behavior of the employees.

The systems of security and background checking provide continuous and stable protection for the management of the company against the perpetration of various crimes.

Taking into account the structure, activity of the given company, monitoring plays an important role in prevention, determent from perpetrating a crime.

According to our experience, most of the perpetrators are junior or senior managers and those working in independent positions, and their crimes range from fraud through misappropriation to corruption, with which they cause significant financial, economic and commercial damage to their employer. Research shows that they typically cannot resist the temptations within two years after their appointment.

The background of the most severe abuses in Hungary includes the perpetrators’ desire for a luxurious lifestyle and the low temptation threshold, in addition to which they have the possibility to commit the abuse.

Any fact, information, solution or data relating to the business activities to the confidentiality of which the entitled party may have an appreciable interest can be considered business secret, and its infringement may result in significant economic disadvantage.

With the escalation of the competition in the market, the protection of information and data connected to economic activity and business is increasing. At the same time, stakeholders are forced to publish more and more information in order to ensure their presence in the market and to increase their sales. The National Security Office provides protection for certain stakeholders that are strategically important for the nation, enterprises outside of this scope.

Despite these seemingly contradictory requirements, reliable protection can be provided against legal as well as illegal efforts to obtain information by the accurate identification of classified data and establishing restricted access levels.

Deficiencies in the field of data and secrecy protection may also facilitate the occurrence of other economic or property related crimes, therefore it is considered especially important for both smaller and larger enterprises.

Although unlicensed secret tapping and surveillance devices („bugs”) are considered secret service instruments, and their use is legally prohibited, but nowadays their use is widely spreading. As a result of the quick technological development smaller and smaller sized amateur and semi-professional devices are available in the market that can perform better and better quality, so the protection against them appears as a real demand.

In everyday language and professional jargon as well, “bug” as an umbrella term covers not only the specific tapping devices, but the whole repertoire of technical intelligence, which includes the use of various secret or hidden vide cameras and recorders, GPRS and GPS based tracking devices, paralleled (RAT) mobile phones and many other similar instruments.

A part of the above listed instruments are legally available in retail with official license, but it is the method of their use that lands them in this category.

Baráth & Partners possesses the specialist staff, technical equipment and experience with which we can detect and provide protection against various types of technical intelligence.