Business intelligence

BI is a special measure for collecting, processing, assessing and analyzing business information of both open and confidential nature available from legal sources. Information obtained by business intelligence provides inevitable background to operative and strategic corporate decision making.

It often happens that, in spite of the available information collected from other sources, companies are uncertain about the feasibility and risks of their plans.

Baráth & Partners offers accurate, reliable information to its clients through discreet business intelligence services for the following scenarios:

Screening the background of existing or new, domestic or foreign business contacts

Detecting usurpers of intellectual rights and properties – patents, trademarks, brands

Checking the background of market conditions, competitors

Detecting other data and information affecting the decisions


As a result of the information acquired in the course of our business intelligence activity, other types of investigative measures are often necessitated.

It includes a comprehensive examination concerning several areas, including, among others, the assessment and analysis of potential security and other risks resulting from the operation, the management and ownership background of the given company, for the sake of improving the management/investment strategic decision making.

Taking into account the versatile business objectives, the screening is always planned and performed according to the individual and special requests of our client. Screening provides efficient and objective assistance in the case of controlling new business partners, investments or acquisition.

The results of the screening, by supplementing the statements of other experts, may assist in making the right decisions.

Nowadays, business environment and competition are fiercer than ever, and the fast speed of technological development requests making the right decisions quickly on a daily basis. Every leader knows that a wrong decision resulting from the lack of market knowledge may prove to be fatal for a company while giving an advantage to its competitors.

CI – a branch of business intelligence – means the systematic collection and analysis of legally available information exclusively within legal frames, which assists decision making support for the management.

The procedure of competitor intelligence starts with a detailed, accurate analysis of the client’s needs, with its scope and direction individually tailored and focuses primarily on collecting and analyzing information regarding the external environment of the client in order to support strategic decision making, but it is also typical to involve the analysis of similar data relating to old or new competitor(s) operating in the same sector with a similar profile.

The collection and analysis of the information focuses on data from primary – experts and researchers of the given sector, suppliers, managers of competitors – and secondary – various databases, publications, expert and government analyses, reports, sectoral newsletters, annual reports of competitors, interviews by their managers, technical and patent-related news – sources.

Before investing into or entering a given market segment, it is also practical to apply the method of DUE DILIGENCE prior to making decisions.

In Hungary as well as abroad, usurping patents, trademarks and brands, and the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit products have grown into a global industry, which causes enormous economic damage to the original manufacturers and the fair and honest merchants, customers as well as national economies.

Baráth & Partners has a lot of experience and success in detecting perpetrators usurping intellectual property, and investigations that aim to prove and liquidate their activity.

A scope of breaching legislation may occur in the case of almost all products that promise significant profit to the perpetrators, including human and animal food, various pharmaceutical products, tobacco, drinks, toys and entertainment electronics.

According to some reports, the volume of lost income due to counterfeiting reaches several billion HUF in certain sectors, while its total value is in excess of several billions dollars in the world.

In the course of the investigation, we identify the perpetrators, their methods, commercial and business relationships, and we co-operate with the competent authorities in order to liquidate the violations, as well as with the clients in order to work out measures to mitigate the damage and to prevent similar activities.

In the context of anti-counterfeiting investigations we often use the methods of Test Purchase and Mystery Shopping as well.